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Grading/Drainage Design


Storm Water Management for site specific projects and the necessary contract drawings for such is a high priority amongst our Communities and Municipalities. These are high points established in the green movement and in a sites sustainability in its Community. Existing and new finished grades for the new construction is researched and calculations for runoff along with its reclamation and usage is established to meet certain minimums set by the Municipality. Generally a means of site holding water collection prior to immediate flow into municipal storm drains is a must.

Plans are developed that meet Municipal minimum standards and details are completed to clarify necessary calculations and be sure the final system performs to its potential.

Construction Management


Some projects require a construction manager to oversee the construction and control monies on the Project. At times a representative is required to be on site each day of the construction in order to keep accurate records of the projects progress, keep track of personnel, visitors, and sub-contractors, maintain daily logs, keep change order records, review project construction schedule, review and scrutinize Payment requests, perform job progress meetings and much more.

The construction manager generally works for the owner and is his eyes on a project.

Mechanical/Electrical Drawings


When a Full Service Contract has been signed, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) drawings and there Details shall be coordinated in house with a well experienced and established Professional Engineer by our firm. Design and Drawings are presented and reviewed with our clients and coordinated with BaP.

Drawings are complete and fully specified in accordance with the contracted MEP Engineer.

Building Consultant & Counseling Services


It has been our pleasure to be a Professional Building Construction Designer and Consultant for over 48 years. I am always on call (just a phone call away) to answer nearly any question that may pertain to a building or site construction. At times it may be necessary to see a photo or visit the site, but in most cases they can be answered on the phone. There is times that one may need a written report to give a Town official and we have provided this service many times in our firms career.

CAD Design & Drawings


In the past ten (10) years we have completed our projects on Chief Architect, Inc. CAD System Versions 6, 10, X1, X3, X5, X6 and now just recently updated to Version X7. We are able to convert DWG and DXF files back and forth with other CAD programs, such as AUTOCAD and also work with Sketch Up, Version 8. We presently use a 2013 Model iPF650 Canon Image ProGraf Color Plotter. Also in use is a Cannon MX922 all-in-one Printer/Scanner. Many of our projects have and are placed on PDF format and sent by eMail if a client can accept this form of communication.

We are versed in QuickBooks Pro, Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Bing Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader XI, ResCheck, ComCheck, StrucCalc 8, and have a presence on Angie’s List, Facebook and LinkedIn.

CAD Modeling


During and/or after projects are complete you may ask for a digital Model of the project or provide a Walkthrough video of a finished Design. Maybe even to present a new design before completing any drawings too. Our program is highly capable of performing this task with a high quality of appearance and photo capability.

Our system will present quantity lists, framing models, and much more.

Furniture Design


We have design built in furniture and/or individual pieces such as Coffee tables and custom Cabinets. Many times it is part of the detailing and the finished design of a new project.

Please refer to our Links page view some quality Craftsman we have had a pleasure to meet and have projects performed by them in the past.