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It is our job to visit the site to consider the most economical, geographic orientation, useful solar and sustainability of the property and environmentally friendly use of the site.

Questions may arise upon a particular piece of property such as:

  • The property is sloped, what and where shall we construct our home or building?
  • Are there easements on the property that may extinguish our dream?
  • What utilities are available?
  • How much planned space (footprint) is needed to place a building on this parcel?
  • How many stories may we build on this property?
  • What are the soil conditions?
  • What are the architectural characteristics of the neighboring properties?
  • Are there particular architectural features in the area that spark your interests?
  • What Occupancies are acceptable and may be developed on this site?
  • Will it be necessary to bring in backfill materials from other sites?
  • Will dumping unwanted materials have to be moved greater distances?
  • Can we have a walkout basement?
  • How can I make the home or building Handicap Accessible?

It is our pleasure to investigate and visit the site to consider your questions and to present findings that may reflect the most economical, environmentally friendly, geographically useful and sustainable use of the property.

In regards to the most economical; it may be necessary to analyze the quantity of cut and fill in order to cut costs for outside fill operations and materials. Other items may arise that can help cut site costs with a thorough investigation of the sites potential.

The environment and its protection is a top priority when it comes to sustainability and green architecture amongst projects today. However it has been a top priority for BaP over our firm’s longevity. We strive to reuse materials and minimize the cutting of unnecessary trees and maintain the environment around us which only reflects one goal, but we push the limits to find many others.

We strive to place structures to enhance the geographic features of a site and to maintain its sustainable use along with minimizing its surroundings.

BaP Architectural Services

Above is an example of a Site Plan


Once a site plan and its pertinent detail sheets have been developed, it is time to sit and evaluate the costs for its final development. We shall investigate and quantify materials and labor involved to develop the site and its amenities as reflected on the documents presented.

This task will require many discussions with Excavators, Landscapers, General Contractors, Electricians and many more that will be involved with the sites development.

Maintaining this Probable Site Cost analysis will require constant updating and phone calls throughout the projects design and its completion of the drawings.

BaP Architectural Services


Prior to construction or contract documents that may be produced, our firm may be requested to complete a study to outline what may be the best use of the property based on zoning and planning requirements for the site.

Further Questions may arise about the sites feasibility such as:

  • What is the Zoning requirements for this parcel and what District is it in?
  • What other Municipal or State Codes apply to this project?
  • What is the building footprint percentage acceptable on this site?
  • What is the buildable area for the site?
  • What Parking requirements are necessary for this parcel?
  • Has a flood occurred and the site is now in a flood zone?
  • Is the Parcel in a Flood Zone? If so, what are its requirements?
  • Will there be Storm Water Management concerns and designs required?
  • How may the traffic on the site flow the best and give us the most building for your dollars?
  • Can I build closer to the road or sideyards?

In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to present contract or construction documents for Site Development. These documents consist of presenting a Site Plan with many pertinent Details and other sheets to reflect Storm Water Management, landscaping and Utility connections as necessary. When these drawings are complete, they will be designed to reflect the best use of the property based on Zoning and Planning requirements for the Site.

Our first task set before us will be to acquire a Municipal Zoning Ordinance and to make contact with the Code Enforcement Offices and key persons that the Project will be reviewed by and the Municipality it will be constructed in. This allows our firm to analyze the information to start the Design Process for the Site.

BaP Architectural Services
BaP Architectural Services


When persons visit a municipality to ask what they need to do to get a beam designed or they have a sag in there floor looked at to find out what needs to be done, many municipalities refer them to one of there short-listed Architects or Engineers. It has been our pleasure to assist them in this task. We may size a new beam if necessary or in the case of a sagging floor, the beam may not be the problem.

In all cases we investigate the problem and present a reasonable solution that will be the most economical and/or consider whom will make the repairs and present a simpler means of construction or both.

We design complete Structural systems and foundations for our buildings and homes and evaluate different structural systems and foundations for those designs or furnish complete report of our findings if requested.

BaP Architectural Services
BaP Architectural Services


Residential, and Commercial/Industrial projects:

Our firm is a Full Service Architectural/Engineering firm and we acquire sub-consultants to perform the necessary Mechanical/Electrical Design and Engineering for our projects when required. We coordinate and provide complete communication with each of them throughout the course of a project.

During design we may be hired to outline a mechanical/electrical consideration for ones project and/or review different systems for economical reasons.

We perform Schematic layouts for utilities when requested on basic residential designs or full development of MEP design and drawings of Bid Projects.

BaP Architectural Services
BaP Architectural Services


Bernard A. Perkosky is a certified Home Inspector and performs home evaluation reports and inspections. These reports are generally requested by realtors to help define problems and concerns with the purchasing of a new or used home or Commercial Facility. They include only what may be viewed without damaging the structure in any way.

We have also completed many home observations for home appraisals with likely buyers of a piece of property and also accompanied potential home buyers through homes they may be interested in purchasing and asked what they might do with spaces they want to possibly change. It is our professional opinion and best Probable estimate in regard to a buildings worth based on demographics and much more.

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BaP Architectural Services
BaP Architectural Services